My husband Rick and I purchased a one-acre piece of property a while back that had a house on it that had burnt, and are in the process of building and making this our home. With the start of my new photography business, Rick asked me one day if I wanted a studio. My answer of course was a resounding excited “Yes”. I have become best friends with Pinterest and might be driving Rick a little crazy with ideas, but the good sport he is he’s putting up with me and helping me build a plan to what I hope will one day be a beautiful landscaped one acre photography studio with multiple backdrops to choose from. Although I know it will take some time and be a work in progress for possibly years to come, I am excited to share our projects and progress with all of you.


We decided to start with enclosing the property with a privacy fence, not necessarily for privacy, but rather so I can decorate the inside of the fence with multiple scenes, backdrops or whatever my visions create. So far, we have a corner section completed out of recycled metal roofing material that Rick brought home from one of the jobs from his handyman business when he replaced a roof and reclaimed lumber from a deck replacement.


Another project is the beginning of my outdoor studio, an open-air space for me to create. My new happy place is also made mostly of recycled material from the posts to the roof with the only thing purchased new being the deck boards on the floor only because we didn’t have any of those in Rick’s stash of reclaimed material. As soon as Rick and John put my roof on I will be ready to start decorating and landscaping around it.


While we are making progress on these current projects along with our main building there are more projects to come. My next project will be cleaning and landscaping in this small corner and around the studio with a lavender plot and a sunflower plot planned for this area. Lavender needs planted in October, so I better get busy. Be sure to check back for our progress updates and watch for the exciting things coming soon! In the meantime, I would love to hear your ideas, and suggestions, so send me a message and get a chance to win a free photography session if we use your ideas for our work in progress.

We appreciate your likes, follows and shares. Thank you!