Rick and John of Bettis Precision Handyman have been hard at work making progress on my photography Studio. The early winter cold snap and the snow we got here in East Tennessee made us rethink an open air studio, and Rick thought we needed a building that we could heat in winter and cool in summer. We went back to the drawing board while we wait for the snow to melt.

Metal Siding

With an available pile of reclaimed metal roofing, we decided to close the photography studio in with brown metal siding. Rick and John have worked hard to building closed in and I must say it looks great. I am so excited and anxious to be able to decorate the inside and create beautiful images.



Rick went to Valley Building Supply and came back with the perfect laminate flooring that he found for a great price. He did a great job of choosing a color that he thought would look great and that I absolutely love. He knows I prefer a rustic look and I don’t think I could have chose anything better myself. I am super happy with it.


With the floor completed and covered to prevent damage, it’s time to start on the ceiling and walls. We found a local guy that had a good price on some 1/4 inch plywood that would be light and easy to install. While Rick and John got to work on installing the ceiling, walls and trim, I get the exciting job of shopping for the perfect paint color.


Color Choices

A trip to the store and a handful of color samples strewn across the paint counter was the scene the paint mixing employee was snickering at for about a half hour while I tried to decide what I wanted. Being a person that loves bright and colorful, this job proved to be difficult for me. Knowing white was the best choice for lighting I wanted color and had to choose between whites and grays while promising myself I could add the color with my decor. I finally settled on raindrop white (white with just a hint of grey) and still doubting myself handed over the final color choice to the guy to be mixed.


Finished Studio

Rick ended up being sick this week, but we had John and Brian to work on the painting while Rick rested. They did an excellent job and the color turned out to be perfect. A few more minor things like hanging the light and installing the door knob and then it’s my turn to wash windows clean the floor and start decorating. Oh I am so happy and appreciative of all the hard work these guys have done to give me the perfect creative work space. I feel like one super lucky girl. Stay tuned for an updates on my progress toward opening day.


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