Sweetwater TN Local Handyman

Bettis Precision Handyman wanted to update their website and get started on social media. They had plenty of snapshots of their work, but it was older, dated low quality photos taken over a year ago with cell phones by the crew. They are building my photography studio on the weekends, so I was able to capture a variety of “On the job” photographs without interruption to their work.

They were able to use the photographs I’d taken of the crew at work to create new marketing materials. They’ve experienced a renewal of interest in their business and the services they provide with an increase of traffic to their website and social media, and credit much of that success with the photographs I captured.

Drop Em Wear - Andrea Bettis

Andrea Bettis

Drop Em Wear

Andrea chose a beautiful rustic setting on the family farm for her photoshoot modeling Drop Em Wear Apparel. With the outdoor location near sunset, I was able to capture amazing photos showing the appeal and comfort of the product she was representing.

Fur Get Me Not Grooming

When Fur Get Me Not Pet Grooming opened in Sweetwater, TN I made appointments for my two dogs and offered to take photos for their social media. Jessica was awesome and patient with my dogs as it was their first time to a groomer, and I was able to capture some great photos for her.

Canines by Karen

Bark Week

Canines by Karen invited me to be a photographer for the Barn Hunt and Updog events during Bark Week at Finny Farm in Greenback, TN. It was a fun filled week and I enjoyed the chance to photograph some amazing dogs and handlers.