Capturing Magical Memories

Photography has always been a passion of mine. Getting a unique and creative perspective is something I strive for. I believe love and memories are what matter most. The love of those you surround yourself with and the memories you choose to create and share with those you love. It’s my desire and privilege to help you capture and preserve those memories with the ones you love.

No matter what you would like captured, a family portrait, a graduation, the joys of a new baby, an intimate wedding, or other event, I would be honored to help you capture your magical moments and preserve those memories for a lifetime.

Fine Art Photography

Decorate With Natural Beauty

Nature offers so many beautiful things that are sometimes overlooked in our rush to work, school or on our daily errands. Photography gives me the opportunity to “stop and smell the roses” if you will of the most overlooked beauty of the world around me from the close-up of that beautiful rose in full bloom, to the squirrel playing in my yard or the variety of birds that visit my backyard bird feeder.

These are all the beautiful things that I see through the eye of my camera, and wish to share with everyone. Not everyone will see the same specific beauty I see in a photograph of an old barn in the middle of a weathered winter landscape, but instead you may look at that same photograph and think that the sky above that old barn is the beauty in your eyes. Whether we see the same beauty and significance in an individual subject or whether you see something else, my hope is that you find something in my photographs that will make you smile, remind you of a fond memory from your past or give you just a minute to see the beauty that you may often miss in our fast paced lifestyles of today.


Cherish Your Memories

With my own family, I cherish personal photos, every smile, funny face, giggle, scowl, and milestone eagerly captured as it naturally unfolds creating beautiful memorable moments in time. These memorable moments in time are what I want to provide for you and your family to cherish for many years to come.

I believe that when you invest in photography, you are not just hiring a business or equipment, but rather you are hiring an individual to provide an experience. I’m not going to lie to you by saying that I’m the “best” photographer out there, but I can assure you that I will provide you with a unique experience. How can I assure this? Simply because there is no other photographer out there that is Heather. I provide a precise experience that’s unique to my personality and beliefs. In my personal opinion, photography is an important investment in your family, and I want to help to make it memorable. I would love to connect with you and learn more about you, your family and your needs!